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About Us

FITGRIT - Your Home-Gym Partner!

To have access to fitness equipment inside of your own home, means never having to miss a workout!

We believe that fitness is about both – intent and access.

There’s nothing better than a home-gym to make fitness a lifestyle priority!

In today’s times, where internet is an appendage, climate change is a nagging reality, and the volatility of the future is undeniable, if you could train in your garage or a spare room, even a backyard or better still your living room, why wouldn’t you? 

FitGrit offers a wide array of affordable equipment and accessories to help you stay fit and active at the comfort of your home. We’ve got you covered!


  • FitGrit was born out of the belief that when genuine fitness options are made available at reasonable prices within the comfort of one’s own home, people of all ages will want to invest in it. 
  • We are committed to providing high quality high value fitness equipment that will enable you bring in the much-needed consistency in your health care and exercise regime. 


  • Our mission is to improve fitness, reduce illness and build an amazing culture of home gyming and well-being within every home in Canada.
  • We aim to transform the home-gym equipment industry by promoting a home-gym culture.


  • To bring to every Canadian household, their personal fitness equipment that is genuine and affordable.
  • To enable every Canadian household have its own Home-Gym. 

Build You Home Gym Today!

Discover FITGRIT and transform your fitness regime!

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