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Start Your Home Gym Today

Start Your Home Gym Today

If you have the space and even if you don’t (well we can all make some space across the TV in the living room, can’t we?), there’s something for you in this list of 7 must-haves in home gym equipment.

The key to keeping active is access as much as it is intent. There is a plethora of fitness options available to use, within the comfort of your own home. So whatever your reason (strength, weight loss, combating stress, overcoming anxiety), you will not regret having your own equipment to play with.

We’ve put together our 7 must-have items for a home gym, and we’re thinking you could use it too. Here’s to a quick list of equipment which is small enough to store away, easy on your pockets and good enough to  pack a punch.

Essential Home Gym Equipment

  • Pull Up Bar - the best upper-body bodyweight exercise there is 
  • Fitted inside any doorway and then easily stored, a pull up bar is great for building muscle in your arms, back and shoulders. It will strengthen your core too. 

  • Plyometrics Box – the finest to build speed and explosive power 
  • Better known as ‘jump training’, these are boxes used as a platform to jump on and off. These are great for building speed and explosive power. They help you do it all - squats, bench dips, and other non-jumping exercises too.

  • Medicine Ball – one with the most revolutionary history 
  • Used exclusively for physical therapy earlier, the medicine ball is now used for fitness and sport in general. They range in weight from one to ten kilos, and are awesome for jump training exercises as well as core strength movements.

  • Kettlebell – the most versatile of them all
  • From squats to push-ups, a kettlebell could help battle literally 20 calories per minute. It uses all our muscles from head to toe, focusing maximum on core and increased flexibility. Go ahead and choose the weight that works for you.

  • Dumbbell – the queen of economy equipment, and no she aint dumb!
  • With the endless number of exercises it can be used for, dumbbells come in diverse variants and are usually adjustable so you can change the weight to suit your requirement. The hex shaped ones with black rubber coating tend to last the longest and are the most comfortable to workout with.

  • Resistance Bands & Hula Hoops – the most portable of them all
  • Also known as toning bands, resistance bands come cheap and are phenomenally effective at building strength and improving mobility. The maximum calorie burner in anaerobic exercises award goes to none other than the hula hoop (and it helps with fat loss around your mid-section too). Buy a family pack of both, and have fun exercising together!

    1. Barbell – the go-to-hero for size and strength

    Free weights that force your muscles to work harder, barbells require greater stability and balance. A typical barbell is four to seven feet long and one inch thick, and it works best for compound movements, such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts. 

    While it’s impossible to get everything you need from just one kit, we recommend rotating equipment an trying new exercises to mix things up. Not your body alone, but your mind as well is likely to get bored of doing the same things. So start with assessing, purchasing and beginning to use this must-have home gym equipment. 30 mins thrice a week for starters, gradually building the length of time you exercise.

    Spend time exercising with family or invite a friend to work out with you in your home gym. Oh and yes, take it easy when starting, you don’t need to buy it all at once!


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